Facebook Ads Audit ( 1 Hour Call)



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Congratulations on starting your business! This coaching call is for new business owners who have successfully launched their business and aren’t sure how to bring in consistent sales. The next thing your business needs is an hour call with Kristole Perkins. She created Perkins Marketing in 2016 and quickly grew to 6 figures. Now she runs multiple online businesses, a YouTube channel and manages influencers. Once you book your “Marketing Your Business” call you will receive an email from us to book your call. Once you book you call and fill in your topic for the call you will receive a text from Kristole confirming your call and then receive a call from Kristole. Some of the things you might want to discuss include but are not limited to

  • Revenue vs Profit vs Expenses
  • Your Business Plan
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Strategies For Organization
  • Creating A Business Page & Gaining Followers
  • Creating Quality Content
  • Business Automation
  • Building Your Email List(s)
  • Creating Converting Facebook Ads
  • Creating Converting Instagram Ads
  • Installing Your Facebook Pixel
  • Reaching Out To Influencers


Please send an email to [email protected] with any questions and concerns.

4 reviews for Facebook Ads Audit ( 1 Hour Call)

  1. (verified owner)

    Kristole was transparent on our call and shared her wealth of knowledge on a number of areas pertaining to my business. I appreciate that she didn’t rush through the material in an attempt to stick to the clock and look forward to implementing everything we discussed. We were able to cover all of the basics of marketing from website audit to the next best actionable steps.

    Will definitely book again.

  2. Thorough walk through of how to setup and create facebook ads that convert. This call was a bonus as we ran over time with the initial call and Kristole didn’t rush through any of the material. Very satisfied and I would definitely call Kristole for marketing support again!

  3. Literally the most reassuring call I’ve ever had with anyone! Kristole was so informative and friendly and that made the call so much more relaxing for me!

  4. (verified owner)

    This is a review for Perkins Marketing & Advertising. This is from company Lavish Legacy. My name is Quitra and I had a great and wonderful coaching call with Mrs. Perkins. She helped me with understand things for marketing my business as well as other things that has to do with what you need to run it. I have been watching her videos for several months and is in one of her facebook groups and this chic from what I see is very genuine and really has a heart for people period and want them to get ahead. I appreciate you Kristole very much. Your staff is great too! Oh Yeah and 5 Starr is for you!!! More and more blessings to you! 🙂

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