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This Bootcamp is intense. Please, be prepared to work every day. I will be supplying you with weekly checklists for you to print out and follow. There will be deadlined and weekly calls to be sure you’re doing everything you need to succeed. This is a fast-paced mentorship with video courses, phone calls and accountability included.



First, we will cover branding. If you want to be successful in any business you must understand branding and how to organically grow on social media. If you’re one of those people who prefer to pay for followers to make your brand look more credible that’s fine too but it’s important to have a real audience if you want real sales and a real brand. A few things included are:

  • Your Social Media Presence
  • Your Instagram
  • Your Facebook Fan Page
  • Content Planning
  • Audience Growth



We’ll move on to Shopify halfway through our second week of Bootcamp. This is intense so it’s important to keep up and give yourself time every day to complete tasks. These tasks are tedious so if you have off days I would use those to work on your new businesses. In this part of the Bootcamp, we will create our new store. This will be easy for you because I will be supplying you with a winning theme + products included. This makes it easier to get your store up & running. We’ll then move on to policies, apps & reviews. To bring sales to your business you need ads and brand ambassadors. We will start with ads first. You will create your Facebook fan page, install your pixel, creating an audience and creating your first ad. A few things included are:

  • 24 Hour Shopify Store Creation
  • Winning Theme With 20 Products
  • Facebook Audience Building
  • Facebook Ad Creation



If you have experience selling on any apps like Poshmark or Mercari then you will be able to sell on eBay. Don’t worry about funds being held or slow shipping times. This is a fast-paced intense Bootcamp and you need funds to qualify for this exact reason. You will need to invest in shipping products when funds are held.

  • Creating A Winning eBay
  • Finding Trending Products
  • Optimizing 4 figures to 5
  • Hiring A Trusting Team



Selling on Amazon is unlike any other platform and costs $39.99 per month. The holiday season is the best time to sell on Amazon. Once you make 4 figures you can invest in inventory and start FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon) and you will be able to offer prime shipping. This requires making $2,000 from drop shipping then reinvesting into inventory and sending it to Amazon.

  • $39.99 for Amazon Seller Account
  • Best Selling Products for Amazon
  • Vendors for FBA
  • How to Offer Prime



Hiring can be scary. The thought of being responsible for someone else’s salary can make anyone uncomfortable. Especially when you’re not happy with your own salary. This process is very easy with the tips and websites I have to offer.

  • Customer Service 101
  • Interviewing Your Team
  • Training Your Team
  • Paying Your Team

Course Features

  • Lectures 33
  • Quizzes 0
  • Skill level Expert levels
  • Language English
  • Students 18
  • Assessments Yes


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