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Whether you’re just starting and currently have ZERO followers, have a service-based business you need to quickly take online, OR want to scale your current business to drive sales, I’m going to walk you through the exact process to get your next (or first) five clients and thrive in today’s world.

Yes, things have changed but it’s business as usual. You might not know where your next client will come from but with my help and strategies you will soon find out.
You’re an entrepreneur so it’s important to have as many ways to market your business as possible.
We’ve already seen a ton of businesses pausing launches, canceling events, and reworking their entire calendar for this year. It’s heartbreaking. 
For the majority of these small businesses, challenging times like these can be absolutely devastating… and for most of us, pausing simply ISN’T an option.
So I want you to consider what it looks like to PIVOT your business.
You don’t have to be afraid to sell because I will be here to guide you.
You might be telling yourself “I can’t sell right now” or feel like hiding from social media and sitting with your head in your hands, but let me help you change your perspective that could *completely* change the game for you:
  • What IF you made MORE money during this time than you projected to make before?
  • ​What IF you used this time to make your business more resilient than you ever imagined it could be?
  • What IF you used this time to expand your impact larger and wider than you ever thought possible?
  • What IF you actually sold into the market, instead of sat on the sidelines waiting for it to blow over?
  • What IF you used your expertise and knowledge to touch lives all over the world now more than ever before, when they actually need it most?

Even during turbulent times, there’s ALWAYS a creative opportunity to be had, so now is actually the best time to not just survive, but actually THRIVE.

Now that we’ve addressed why it’s important to continue selling, you must also let go of the belief that you’re not able to make sales or sign new clients right now…

And instead realize that you CAN sell, but the way in which you sell will have to change.

We know the importance and urgency to bring in new clients and customers, drive sales, and find creative ways to pivot quickly over the next few weeks…

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    Don’t Miss Out

    In this season, there are and more ways to make money online. Yes you may be do the research to get started but why waste the time when you have Kristole. Her experience and expertise is incomparable. She’s down to earth and smart, she’s like a sister when we talk. I have learned so much from her and with all the new information that’s constantly changing it’s good to have an expert that’s fully aware on how to pivot when necessary. I can’t image where I would be with have Kristole as a coach. Maybe still searching answers lol! But seriously making money is about constantly reinvesting your profits and investing in a coach saves you money and time. So there’s no real need to second guess having the opportunity to speak one on one with our expert Kristole because time truly waits for no man.

    The mentor that scaled my business and mentality

    After taking Kris's FB ADS course and watching her on Youtube I just knew I had to have her as a mentor. Our calls where eye opening and strategic she taught me what I needed which I loved it was ABOUT ME and my Business goals always. We tackled FB ads, scaling my business with new services and most important raising my prices. When they say a mentor is needed in business , it's a real thing. Having Kris in my corner changed my business forever and as a single mother I am forever grateful to her. Ps- she's also so kind to work with , the vibes are on point and that's key when finding a mentor. Thank you Kris ! You are the kind yet hard skilled mentor I always needed. Don't doubt it, BOOK KRIS !

    The mentor you've been waiting for!

    Finding Kristole on instagram truly was life-changing! She has taught me so much and i've seen my knowledge grow so much from having her coaching! She is very hands on and actually wants you to succeed! Trust me, this is what your business has been needing!

    My favorite mentor

    BLESSED!!! to have the mentor that I have. I've never met a coach that is so hands-on with her clients, and also cares about their business as much as she does. The great thing about Kristole? She wants your business to THRIVE. And that's not an easy thing to find in a coach. This is the first coach I've had that helps me understand ways that my business can improve and she's communicative! Kristole is the breath of fresh air that we all need for our business. Definitely book ASAP!


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